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Mogambo nahi, Manas Khush Hua!

Manas Shah
Manas Shah

Manas Shah aka Rohan of Amita Ka Amit is getting hate mails from many fans of the show. He explains, “When my track started in the show it was positive but later on when the creative team came up with this new track and I was more than happy to take the plunge! I have noticed in any daily soap or film there are three central characters which can create the maximum impact - the hero, the heroine and the villain. I am putting a lot of hard work to give it a different look and the response that I am getting is awesome. People ask me why am I behaving badly with Amit in the show but I take this as a compliment. I think Amrish Puri was the best and the way he portrayed Mogambo was amazing. He is my inspiration and after seeing so many hate, all I can say is Manas Khush Hua...”

- Dharmishtha Dagia