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Sanober & Rukhsar

They are hot, they are sexy and they are best friends! In the industry when you have catfights on, Sanober Kabir and Rukhsar chill over a cuppa coffee. Probably that’s because both the girls have their roots from a common place (Rampur, U.P.); no wonder they are almost soul sisters. A well known stage performer, singer and actress Sanober says, ‘Rukhsar is a person who’s vivacious, has a good sense of humor.’ “And whoever knows Sanober will know that she’s a very beautiful human being!’ adds Rukhsar. The two in a t�te-�-t�te with GR8! Talk about fitness…

What does fitness mean to you?

Sanober: Earlier fitness wasn’t too serious a thing for me. I would find it extremely tedious but gradually I realized that one has to do it in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. I used to have a stressful life but when I got a wonderful teacher for yoga, things just changed for me completely. Yoga made me a calmer person, it made my hair and skin much better!

Rukhsar: Fitness for me means taking care of yourself, leading a better life. We live in a city where everything is impure and thus it becomes all the more important for us to take care of what we eat, drink and at the same time be conscious of the products we use.

How do you begin your day?

Sanober: I am not a very early riser. But as soon as I get up, I make sure that I do yoga and have my breakfast half an hour after that.

Rukhsar: Basically, by opening my eyes! (Laughs) Well, I start of my day by having one glass of water followed by a cup of tea.

Your daily diet comprises…


Breakfast: I have muesli, skimmed milk with dry fruits like almonds, anjeer as they are very nutritious and it’s really good for your memory. I have fruits for breakfast if I am going to have a heavy lunch.�

Lunch: I generally have heavy lunch and I make sure that I have something to eat every two hours.�

Evening: In the evening, I have some junk food. I avoid having starch and rice. One thing that I’ve also discovered is that healthy food too can be tasty. It need not be all that boring always.

Dinner: For dinner, I have salads and generally eat out. Although, if I have dinner at home, I have meat.


Breakfast: I generally have omelets and being a UP-ite, I like having plain parathas with a cup of tea.�

Lunch: I have whatever’s cooked. I can’t have red and green chillies a lot. I also make sure I consume less oil. The vegetables are generally cooked in olive oil. For lunch, I have chicken, soup, dal, roti and subzi but all in moderation.�

Evening: When I’m feeling too good, I have fresh fruit juice or coconut water or lassi or much rather a banana milk shake made of skimmed milk.�

Dinner: I generally have the same stuff that I’ve had for lunch minus rice. I have a large bowl of soup, two rotis, subzi, dahi, barbecued or steamed chicken. I also have a glass of milk before sleeping.�

What do you binge on?

Sanober: Sweets. I can simply have all kinds of sweets. I can just pool in myself to have a piece of it. There are days when I want to avoid having sweets and that is when I have khajoor (dates). I also love having Italian food and as I love cooking; I generally cook healthy burgers and salads.�

Rukhsar: I like having plain, crispy parathas as I am not much fond of stuffed parathas. �

What is your workout regime?

Sanober: I workout mainly five days in a week. I do yoga thrice a week and 10 minutes of pranayaam daily. I do lots of cardio and not much of weight training. I also dance for my shows which is a good workout in itself. Even two hours of treadmill can’t compare those 15 minutes of dancing.�

Rukhsar: I haven’t been going to gym regularly but when I go, I like going on the treadmill and do yoga on alternate days for around 15 minutes. I like going for walks and love walking in the garden; it’s very natural and pleasant.

On a fitness scale of 1-10, how much would you rate yourself?

Sanober: I would rate myself an 8. I have been working out since years but it is only after yoga that I have realized the pleasantness of a work out.�

Rukhsar: I would rate myself a 7 (that’s a modest rating!)

Who’s the fittest celeb according to you?

Sanober: I think it has to be my husband Rajiv Singh who was Gladrags Mr. India and he’s the only Indian to win the Mr. World title. He’s super fit!

Rukhsar: I don’t really know about the workout regimes of the celebs but of what I can see externally, I feel Shilpa Shetty has the perfect body. She’s the fittest and no one even gets closer to her!�

What is your secret fitness tip?

Sanober: Eating every two hours. Though it sounds tedious, it’s very simple. All you have to do is carry some biscuits or maybe dry fruits. When you can keep your beauty products, you can definitely fit these items as well.�

Rukhsar: I don’t know if this is apt enough to be called a fitness tip as such but when we were young our granny would ask us to have foodstuffs cooked in desi ghee. What we do back home is we make ghee at home itself and I ensure having half spoon of it daily. One shouldn’t deprive his/her body of any sort of oils in any form.

What is that one common fitness myth among people?

Sanober: The belief that crash diets can help you lose weight is very stupid. I mean how can that be? That is sheer stupidity!

Rukhsar: What works well for you is what you should follow. Not each and everybody can have the same amount of food or water. For example, having lots of water is good but for people who have water retention, the same thing might turn out to be awful. As body type varies, so does things that suit it. You also don’t gain weight or increase cholesterol by consuming ghee.�

What is your happiness quotient?

Sanober: I am a very happy person. I appreciate the little things in life; be it my 5’o clock cuppa coffee or just a little nice thing said about me. I am happy with all of them.

Rukhsar: Not falling into traps, I have very few friends as I don’t socialize much. I don’t like the backbiting games like I tell something to someone with trust and they spatter it around. I won’t be able to sleep if I come to know things wrongly said or perceived about me. That’s all a very complicated thing. For me, reading a nice book, being at home is happiness.

Your idea of relaxation…�

Sanober: A good fiction book maybe by Sidney Sheldon or Jeffrey Archer. I should be reading one such book to ease myself. I don’t like gyaan books!

Rukhsar: A good body massage!

- Garvita Sharma