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Animated Shaktimaan!

Animated Shaktimaan!

Mukesh Khanna is back with a bang on the small screen with Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha, Pyaara Pyaara. Well, he is not just happy and excited about his return on small screen but there was one more reason for his happiness and that is the animated version of Shaktimaan. Mukesh Khanna says, “I feel great, excited and thrilled since years it was a dream to make Shaktimaan animated and make the character immortal. Shaktimaan has been airing for a decade and can air for another twenty years but only animation can give it a permanent existence and can be exported to different territories. I am very thankful to the channels Nickelodeon and Sonic for getting Shaktimaan back in the animated version. Besides this project, I am planning to make a 3D live serial and also a 70mm 3D animated film on Shaktimaan. The re-runs of Shaktimaan are still going on and even now kids meet and tell me ‘Kilvish kyun nahi maara abhi tak...’ So I thought I should take it ahead and come back as Shaktimaan once again. TV has progressed fast for sure, nowadays all channels have so many daily soaps that it is getting repetitive. The competition is TRP based and not content based. I feel they do not analyze as to why this content works but just follow the trend. I would like to bring some kind of censorship on the way things are moving. There should be some control on the content as I feel television is the biggest medium that can affect the society, even bigger than films. I would like to tell the news channels not come out say that it’s exclusive or analyze, just provide news.”

- Dharmishtha Dagia