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Captain Tiao to cover a record breaking feat by Goldie Ahuja!

Goldie has been suffering from insomnia since the last 11 days. Sammy has a brainwave on getting Goldie to set a new world record for staying awake the longest and in all this excitement, there is more around school, with the Principal unveiling a portrait of himself. He is thrilled when he finds out about Goldie’s probable world record; he sees this as a golden opportunity to have his school on the global map. To go all out with the publicity, the Principal decides to call in celebrity host Captain Tiao to interview Goldie on his feat. Among much fanfare, Captain Tiao reaches school, but as bad luck would have it, destroys the Principal’s prized portrait in a freak accident. In a desperate attempt to fix it, they hope against hope that the Principal will not notice nor realize the change. With Ganguly trying to keep Goldie awake, the time for the shoot with Captain Tiao draws close. Its lights, camera, action and the live shoot is underway with the destroyed painting in the background. The Principal, students and the audience is waiting with bated breath, only to discover that Goldie has gone to sleep. The shoot continues with Goldie fast asleep, and the students discover he can break the record of sleeping for the longest time. Captain Tiao shoots a live segment, complete with the countdown and there are just two seconds left for Goldie to break the record.

Will he break the record? Watch this roller-coaster of drama and emotions in this week’s episode of Goldie Ahuja Matric Pass on Disney Channel, Sunday 12 noon.