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Maharashtrian Power Walk by celebs for NIFT

The students of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Mumbai were filled with excitement to showcase their recently created collections. They were s were thrilled to showcase garments that focused on the revival of Maharashtrian culture through art and craft along with some other dying art & weaving forms.

Renowned artists from various fields had encouraged the efforts of these students by adorning garments styled by them. These include Ms. Renuka Shahane (Actor), Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker (Actor, Director, Writer), Mr. Sandip Soparrkar (Dance Expert and Choreographer), Mr. Harsha Bhogle (Cricket Commentator), Ms.Sonali Kulkarni (Actor), Ms. Geetanjali Kulkarni (Actor), Mr. Bharat Dabholkar (Actor), Dr. Sandesh Mayekar (Dental Surgeon), Dr. Shivani Mayekar (Cosmetic Surgeon), the show was introduced by Ms. Shobha De, and Ms. Amruta Fadnavis wife of Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra was the show-showstopper in the event for students. Among the guest who supported these students were Mr. Hemant Trivedi (Designer), Mr. Narendra Kumar (Designer), Ms. Nilima Singh (Director of NIFT Institute), Ms. Dolly Thakore (Theater Personality) , Ms. Penaz Masani (Ghazal Singer), Durga Jasraj (Classical singer), Shaina NC, Vandana Kohli (Board of governor NIFT), Mickey Mehta (fitness expert), Mr. Sudhir Tripathi (IAS Director General, NIFT) and Noah Jacob (owner of John louis menswear), and Sonia Sethi (Joint Secretary of SCZCC).

The driving force behind doing this project was Director of NIFT Mumbai, Ms. Nilima Singh who has inspired the students to create collection based on their trips to the various clusters in Maharashtra, where these handloom and art forms still exist. The textiles and styles were the mark of Indian heritage and class which have been overshadowed by western influence. The faculty members and students had together worked to revive these traditions and style.

This year was also special because according to India Today magazine NIFT Institute was considered as the 2nd best fashion Institute. The culmination of all their efforts had come together in the form of the "Maharashtrian Power Walk".

This year the theme was more concentrated on revival on Maharashtrain culture but there were other exciting themes like Thangka Sutra (Thangka paintings of Buddhist/Tibetan origin), garments in western silhouettes, knitwear, banjara inspired theme to name a few.

After observing and learning about various handloom clusters in the state, students displayed their skills, style and creativity through inspirations from them. The mesmerizing collections included Kosa silk draped fusion ensembles, hand painted Warli motifs on denim capes, Khand blouses, Paithani motifs, and divergent form of Kolhapuri leather accessories like platform shoes and bags. Students were enthusiastic to put forward these collections.