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Special Art Soiree for beti!

The Who's Who of the Mumbai's social circle clinked glasses with members of the executive team from Alila Hotels & Resorts at an exclusive art soiree for Anu Ranjan's Beti held on 20th of September. The occasion was to celebrate Alila's entry into India with Alila Diwa Goa and Alila Bangalore and also to showcase their global portfolio of resorts in the Asia Pacific region. Being an organization with a cause, one of the highlights of the evening included the creation of The Yin Alchemy, an ode to feminine power, which was created by artist Anil Naik and then auctioned with proceeds donated to Anu Ranjan's Beti Movement. Selected works from both established as well as upcoming artists like Badrinarayan, Haku Shah, J S Mani, Jayshree Chakrobarty, Kamal Pandya, Laxma Goud, Milburn Cherian, Suhas Roy, B Prabha, Seema Kolhli, Ajay De were beautifully curated for the exhibition.

Like always this time too, eminent personalities were present at this special auction to support Beti. Popular names faces from the television industry, art connoisseurs, Mumbai's social circle, corporates all landed their support to beti. Celebrities present at this art soiree were Poonam Dhillon, Sunali and Roop Kumar Rathod, Pooja and Anil Kapoor, Rahul Rawail, Mouli Ganguly, Gulfam Khan, Sachin Sharma, Arti Razdan, Ina and Sanjay Arora and Sangeeta Singh amongst many others.

- Dharmishtha Dagia