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Our “BETI” has just turned 10 and we’re delighted with how she’s turned out. We launched “Beti” a movement, a campaign and an NGO way back in 2006. We had just met with some representatives of the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) who were seeking our assistance for promoting a cause. They wanted us to help in getting together celebrities who would spread awareness about the evils of the rampant practice of female foeticide that was and still is so prevalent in India. That’s when we realized the magnitude and gravity of the many problems that faced women, girls and even female foetuses in our country. We resolved to take on this challenge head-on. We knew where our strength’s lay and we decided to use them to our advantage in fighting for these causes ourselves.

Under the banner of this movement we have raised awareness against the various atrocities being committed on the girl child in our nation, daily. We get people that matter & those that can make a difference, together and we collectively raise our voice against the cruel forces that have operating clandestinely; against those indulging in female foeticide & female infanticide, against those who have been adopting inhuman practices of forcing girls into prostitution and against those indulging in heinous crimes against women.

It’s been a bit challenging but also a very satisfying journey thus far – we’ve helped dozens girls go to school and habilitated rape & acid attack victims and we hope to continue to support & service as we have been, for many years to come.

Beti’s 10th birthday celebration took place on February 18th, 2016 and was hugely supported by our friends, well-wishers and brothers & sisters from the TV industry. Details of the event are in the pages that follow… Happy viewing & happy reading!

Twitter Handle: @anuranjan1010
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