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Rahul Bhatt

He was the fittest Bigg Boss house contestant and seeing his passion for fitness, even Bigg Boss couldn’t help but arrange a gym especially for him. Well, you don’t have to be a genius to guess whom we are talking about, yes it’s Rahul Bhatt. He trained everyone in the house including the Great Khali and without a doubt; he has a physique that many guys envy of. In this column Rahul reveals his fitness secrets, shares his views on fitness with GR8! So read on…

For me fitness is…

Running five km in thirty minutes, squat 400 pounds, bench press 300 pounds, lift again 400 pounds. Fitness is everything for me, I am dead without it. �Layman’s definition of fitness is meeting life’s emergencies with ease.�

I begin my day…

I wake up at 5.30 in the morning and the first thing that I have is one liter of cold water, followed by a protein shake.

My daily diet…

Morning: As I said, one liter of cold water, followed by a protein shake.

Breakfast: Six whole eggs and half a cup of oatmeal.

Lunch: 200 grams of either chicken or fish, vegetable and two chapattis.�

Evening: Protein shake with nuts.

Dinner: Almost same like lunch.

Given a chance, I would binge on...

(Smiles) Sweets, I have a very big Sweet tooth.�

My workout regime…

My workout regime is basically five days a week, concentrating on one body part a day with high volume exercise and heavy weights. And for the repetitions of the exercise, they should be between six and twelve, neither less than six nor more than twelve.

How would you rate yourself on a fitness scale of 10?

Hmm… Seven.

Fittest celebrities…

Akshay Kumar.

Your secret fitness tips?

Well, for that contact me and I will give you short cuts and quick fixes. (Laughs) and I will charge the consultant charges.

A common fitness myth…

As far as women are concerned the most common fitness myth is that weight training will pump up their body. And also many times supplements are misunderstood as steroids.

My happiness quotient…

Just being myself, working out and doing what I love.�

My idea of relaxation…

Hmm… a nice workout.

Do you consider yourself a fitness freak?

Yes, absolutely.

You didn’t mention anywhere about Yoga in your interview?

See honestly, I don’t practice yoga but Yoga is very very important even for guys like me. I always recommend people to do yoga but personally I don’t practice yoga (Smiles).

- Dharmishtha Dagia