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Yudhishtar Urs aka Yudi certainly has been a charmer with girls and with his recent physique he has made girls go weak in knees. From being a VJ to Anchoring and Acting, he has explored the various arenas of entertainment and has proved his calibre. Last seen in Break Ke Baad and recently as the IPL presenter, Yudhishtar reveals his fitness secrets, shares his views on fitness with GR8! and much more. So read on…

For me fitness is…

Well, fitness is really important for me and in the line of work I am, it’s a necessity to be fit. Fitness is an integral part of my life and the profession I am in.�

I begin my day…

I begin my day with hitting the gym or running on the beach or meditation.�

My daily diet…

Breakfast: I generally have fruits in breakfast, watermelon, smoothies.

Lunch: Pretty much fish like grilled fish, veggies and salads.

Evening: Again fruits or smoothies.

Dinner: Almost same, mostly fish.

Given a chance, I would binge on...

Hmm... On everything. I like chocolates but I am allergic to it though I still binge on them at times.�

My workout regime…

My workout regime basically includes a lot of cardio and free style training. I love to include variations in my fitness regime so I also do boxing, cycling, and meditation. �

You were travelling due to IPL, so how did you manage to continue with your Fitness regime?

It was tough, really tough as you are travelling and the schedules are hectic so it’s not possible to do a proper workout. And of course to add it are the delicacies of various states which are really hard to resist. So, you see it’s tough to balance the schedules, diet and exercising. But as and when I used to get time, I used to go for a jog or run on a treadmill.�

Fittest Cricketer…�

Most of the Australian and South African cricketers quite fit, especially the fast bowlers are much fitter as they need to have a strong upper body. I think Zaheer Khan is the fittest when it comes to the Indian team!

If you had to combine Fitness and Sports, which is the sport that you would select?

I love Boxing, it’s a demanding sport and I love the feel of hitting someone or being hit by someone. Ten minutes of boxing is equal to three hours of gymming or exercising. It’s the toughest sport and most interesting!

You include a blend of various activities in your workout regime, any particular reason?

Well, I am a person who gets bored too fast, so I need to have a variety. Also, I love to try out different ways of exercising, it makes the regime interesting and also it gives your body a change. If you follow a particular regime continuously, then your body, the muscles get used to it and stops responding so you need to bring in a change.

You aren’t much into gymming, why so?

There are three- four reasons, I do like gymming but as I said I need variety or I will get bored. I don’t work out for just to make the body look good but also want it to be healthy. With only gymming the muscles get stiff and I really like the flexibility of body.�

How would you rate yourself on a fitness scale of 10?

A Fair Five!

Do you consider yourself a fitness freak?

Well, not really I love to work out and enjoy the benefits of fitness and the most important thing about fitness is that it also gives you a sound mind.

Fittest celebrities…

I think the sports personalities are the fittest and according to me Vijender Singh and Shailendra Kumar are the fittest.

Your secret fitness tips?

Well, there are no such secret fitness tips as you actually have to work hard to maintain good health and physique. I would say while training you should concentrate on increasing your stamina & strength and also flexibility.

A common fitness myth…

I think the most common fitness myth is regarding diets, that while working out, you shouldn’t eat this and you can’t eat that.

My happiness quotient…

Spending quality time with family, friends and staying connected with them.

My idea of relaxation…

Watching a movie, reading a book or listening to good music.

My Future Plans…

I would want to write, direct and act, I am quite interested in all these aspects. I have planned to do a two month filmmaking course specializing in scripting and directing from New York and I am quite upbeat about it. As far as movies are concerned I am very choosy, I would rather wait for a good role rather than doing anything and everything that comes my way.�

- Dharmishtha Dagia