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Additi & Kritika's Lunch Date!

What happens when two actresses come together? Well, we know you would be thinking either it would result in cat fights or a very diplomatic conversation. But that’s not the case with television’s two hot & sexy actresses, Additi Gupta & Kritika Kamra. GR8! Took out Additi & Kritika on a Lunch Date at Kiran Bawa’s Bristro Grill and both the actresses just couldn’t get enough of each other, certainly making this Lunch a rare sight, something difficult to find in this industry. �Additi & Kritika have been the best of friends and have shared a strong bond since the time they have known each other well. Additi aka Audi and Kritika aka Kitto certainly seemed to be glad to add on one more outing and a lovely memory to their list of fun moments. Kiran Bawa’s Bristro Grill certainly is one place known for its unique dishes and the chef certainly explains that the reason behind this delicious and lip-smacking dishes are the unique spices that are especially imported from Dubai. So, here we begin Additi & Kritika’s Lunch Date!

Firstly, how did you find Bristro Grill?

Additi: I loved the place, it’s really cool!

Kritika: And I loved it too, I liked the calm and peaceful atmosphere.

And how’s the ambience?

Kritika: I really loved it, restaurants in the afternoon become a bit boring but Bristro Grill’s ambience doesn’t make you feel lousy or boring. In fact I loved that corner space; the sunlight reflection makes it more beautiful!

Additi: I liked it corner place too but the view out isn’t that great with traffic and cars. (“But as long as you cannot hear the traffic noise it’s ok and all the more you can just sit here, enjoy yourself and make fun of the people stuck in traffic”, pat came the reply from Kritika.)

So, what have you ordered?

Additi: Well, to begin with we have ordered Oriental Chicken Salad and Zattar Kebab (its grill chicken) as we both love chicken. For the drinks we have ordered special cocktails, Superstar and Jennifer!�

Kritika: Additi doesn’t eat fish but I was in the mood so I have ordered Zubeidi Mashwi (its grill pomfret). And for the lunch we have ordered Kapsa Riyash (its lamb biryani).

How’s the Food, (Well we know the answer as they are relishing the delicacies)?

Additi: Its yum and I just loved the food, Kebabs were amazing! I loved the cocktail Jennifer especially.

Kritika: It’s good; I liked the grill flavour in the dishes. You know in grill platters and dishes, there is this certain smell and the grill out here has that certain smell and flavour which makes it special.

Your favourite cuisine?

Kritika: Italian, Tandoori, we are foodies, so there isn’t just one favourite cuisine or one favourite dish! But yes, if it’s Additi in question then it has to be pizza. She loves pizza and can eat it anytime of the day. In fact just because she wants to eat pizza, she will convince us, force us and even blackmail us to order and have pizzas.�

Additi: I love pizza and we all are foodies, so of course we love to eat and experiment with dishes and cuisines. You know, when we go out and if we change or shift to another restaurant or place, then we again order something to eat even if we have had dinner.�

Kritika adds, ‘We need something to much on and by the way we three girls that is me, Additi and Mukti have the same appetite that Karan (Kundra) has!

Your favourite beverage?

Additi & Kritika: Long Island Ice Tea or Red Wine if its dinner time or if we are at home.

Coming to the great bond that you’ll share, what’s your take on the myth that two actresses can’t be good friends?�

Additi: I have heard of these for Bollywood actresses and if it’s true in TV then maybe they would be working in the same serial.

Kritika: Well, maybe this myth might be true but of course not in our case.

When did this friendship start and how did your bond grow strong?

Additi: We knew each other but never interacted much. We met on the sets of Zara Nachke Dikha and from then on there was no looking back.�

Kritika: Well, we had known each other and also met quite a few times but we never were good friends. I used to watch her show Kis Des, but it’s during Zara Nachke Dikha that we got close.�

How do you’ll manage to take time out to meet given your hectic schedules?

Additi: We meet after the shoots or coordinate our outings according to our schedules. We need to meet, we need to share things but at times we are unable to catch up and because we are in the same profession we understand the sudden changes and hectic schedules. Well, if a person is important in your life, you tend to make time for him or her how much ever busy you are, work can never be an excuse!

Kritika: You know, many people keep complaining that I never be in touch but with Additi it certainly is like a compulsion to meet and talk. We need to tell each other anything and everything varna hamara khana hazam nahi hota! (Laughs)�

How would you describe a Perfect Girl’s Day out?

Kritika: We both are Shopaholics! So leave us in a mall or a flea market and we will be the happiest. Additi adds ‘Ya, I absolutely agree with her, in Palladium and pole Palladium should shift to Goa! Kritika exclaims, ‘It would be just amazing, beaches, shopping, awesome food, Vow!’

Girl’s night out or candle light dinner with Special someone?

Additi & Kritika say it in unison ‘BOTH’. (They look at each other and laugh; well no doubt they are the best of friends!)

Tell us something about each other?

Kritika: Oh My God! Well she is a fun girl; she knows how to live life though she is absolutely confused. She drives amazingly, she drives like a boy and I really look up to her for this. At times, she underrates herself; I mean she can do something way better than others, she has the potential but Additi being Additi, she thinks that she isn’t that good, she doesn’t realize her own worth and potential. She is one of the best dressed people in the industry, she is high on style quotient, and I like it (being from NIFT, I am quite into Fashion)!

Additi: It’s very difficult to describe her in few words. Well to begin with she is very blunt; she will say what’s there in her mind. She is the gossip queen; she knows everything about anything, if someone takes away the gossip from her, then I don’t know how will she survive, she just can’t survive without it! She is the smartest in our group i.e. from me, Mukti and Karan. Kritika interrupts, ‘Smartest in what context?’ ‘Well, smartest in all aspects!’ And ya she is also very much indecisive, she just cannot decide.

Well, this Lunch Date certainly came to an end but has left a tangy memory in the minds of all! Quiet giggles, heart laughter, bit of gossip and delicious food, just a perfect recipe for a Girls’ Day out!�

- Dharmishtha Dagia