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The Cinema Hall!

It is a story about 4 boys in a Small town who are college students. The boys are typically “Chichore r Bastered”. One day all of them were chilling at their native place while they were having a refreshing time and enjoying their dinner the boys came across rather shocking news in the newspaper. Gazing at the newspaper, one of the boys amongst the four proclaims that soon the boys will be millionaires because of the news in the newspaper because the news being “Who so ever will watch a movie in Chandan Cinema Hall, will win a sum of rupee 25 lakhs”.
Excited about the price money, the boys plan to watch the film, now the boys are dreaming with open eyes & all are greedy to take this winning Prize.
1.����� Will Boys Watch this Film Alone or Together?
2.����� What will happen with boys in this Place?
3.����� Will Boys win This Prize?

The film stares Ajaz Khan, Sara Khan, Sanjay Mishra, Virendra Saxena, Aarya Vardhan, Debee Majumdar, Iti Achrya, Harnek Singh, Paras Saluja, Ishita Dey and� Basu Jha in pivotal roles.
- Shreshtha Chaudhury