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Star Pravah presents world television theatre premiere 'Naandi'!

Star Pravah has always been in the forefront of providing nouveau concepts and distinctive programming content in accordance with the needs of its viewers across Maharashtra. Now Star Pravah presents its viewers World Theatre Television Premiere of a unique and highly acclaimed Marathi play ‘Naandi’. This play brings together 10 of the most talented cinema, TV and theatre actors on one platform, which will surely be a visual treat to all the Marathi theatre lovers. Naandi means an invocation sung at the start of the play to God of art who bestows his grace for a glorious show. Through this initiative, Star Pravah announces its grand foray in the Marathi theatre segment.

‘Naandi’ is a play that explores the evolution of man-woman relationship over last 150 years of Marathi theatre. The play has judiciously extracted the best scenes from great Marathi plays like Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Sangeet Saubhadra, Kichak Vadh, Ekach Pyala, Ashrunchi Zali Fule, Natsamrat, Barrister, Sakharam Binder, Buddhibal ani Zabbu and Chahul. These epic scenes seamlessly blend to become a panoramic collage called ‘Naandi’. The play makes a viewer meander through 150 year old history of Marathi theatre, as it deals with myriad turmoils in politics, family, profession as well as emotions. Although Naandi bids adieu to the stage, its new avatar on television marks a new beginning.

Tune in to watch ‘Naandi’  along with your family on Saturday, May 30th, 7 pm onwards only on Star Pravah.

- Dharmishtha Dagia