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Fitness Regime during Festivals...

Fitness Regime during Festivals
By Swapnil Hazare, Senior Fitness Consultant, Prosport Fitness Pvt. Ltd.

India being the Land Of Festivals, the one thing we cannot escape from during festivals is our lavish variety of cultural cuisine. “I gained 3 kilos during Diwali”, “I put on 2 kilos after the Christmas and New year party” is a common phrase used by the common man today. Blame it on the Ladoos in Diwali, Modaks in Ganapati, Sheer Korma and Biryani in Eid, Cakes and Sweets in Christmas and New Year or Jalebis and Sweets in Holi. These foods do give us a “High” but are also very high in sugar, fats and calories. As Indians we cannot go on the “See Food” diet during our festivals… But as wise Indians we can enjoy our favorite festive food and be fit at the same time by following some simple rules and routines.

Some Fitness tips for maintaining a healthy guilt free festival:

- Follow a fitness regime before, during and after the festival. Simple exercises like Push-ups, Squats, Lunges, Pulls ups and crunches clubbed with a brisk walk everyday will do the trick for most people.

- Eat everything…. But don’t eat it at one go. If you eat a piece of cake today keep the jalebi or the ladoo for tomorrow. If its pasta today….pizza will have to wait for another day

- Take Small Portions of everything that’s on the buffet. Don’t pile up your plate with a mountain of Carbohydrates (rice, noodles, pasta, etc.). Instead make room for some protein (chicken, fish, lentils, paneer) and fibre (veggies).

- Market made or homemade… “Sweet meats” are like the relatives you want to avoid bumping into during family celebrations. You come face to face, smile and then move away. Avoid the sugary sweets as much as you can.(e.g.- If you are tempted to eat a rasgulla…squeeze it and avoid drinking the sugary juice its soaked in to cut down the calories)

- Oil… Put it on your hair, not in your body. Refrain from foods that leave ugly oil stains on your plate. Select grilled food over fried food.

- Festivals also mean time off from work. So more time for self.

Indulge in swimming as it helps burn calories, works the whole body, less stressful on the joints and relaxes your body.
Play and indulge in indoor games like squash, table tennis or badminton. It’s a great way to exercise and spend quality time with friends and family.
Dancing is another stress buster and a great way to exercise. Put some festive music and dance. It will keep your heart rate up and burn those calories. Get your family and friends to grove with you.
Cycling or Jogging is another way you can enjoy the festive beauty of your city and neighborhood while you burn those calories.
Follow these simple tips to make yourself Fit and Healthy during the coming Festivals and see the change not only in your physical but mental state.
Go out there and enjoy the Festive season without any guilt.