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Dino Morea's Fitness Story

�You always have been fit. So tell us your daily workout regime?

I don’t have a daily regime. I play Football at least twice a week and that keeps me absolutely fit. I have a fitness station in my house which allows me to do functional body training. In a week I exercise for about 5 hours and if I’m not playing an hour’s game then I work out for 30 minutes

Your daily diet plan (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)?

I eat everything; honestly there is nothing that I don’t eat. For breakfast I eat Eggs, Oats, Cereals or porridge. I have protein juice every morning. The protein juice is made by my chef and it includes green vegetables, banana and apple, so basically it is mix juice. And for my lunch whatever they make at home, sometimes Indian, sometimes continental or sometimes pastas. For me food is not an issue or a worry until I am training for something specific.�

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