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Shilpa Shinde's molestation allegations out of frustration?


An executive with &TV, who spoke  on  terms of anonymity, expressed surprise as to why Shilpa Shinde is leveling sexual molestation allegations against Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer Sanjay Kohli now. "She did not bring it up during her much publicized fight with Benaifer Kohli early last year. Shilpa had accused Benaifer of mental torture which made her stop shooting."
The source alleges that maybe Shilpa is very upset that the show has become a success despites her absence. Shubhangi Atre Poorey succesfully replaced her and she has been banned by IMPAA for her behavior. The show is still number # 1 on the channel and in some episodes the ratings even go above what they would  garner  during Shilpa's times"

Also there are murmurs that Shilpa might be on the verge of losing the case, which Benaifer had slapped on her for damages. The source adds "This is not her first fracas. Prior to this she had problems with other channels  as well. She wanted to work with other channels and do Comedy Nights with Kapil. We  were ready to raise her money and also offered her others shows on our channel but she wanted to work outside. We did not want  Shilpa to leave, for she is indeed a very talented actor but she  pushed us to the wall.”

- Anil Merani