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I didnt want to attend Pratysha's remembrance programme - Shashank Vyas


There have been a lot of murmurs regarding the absence of  major TV stars during Pratyusha Banerjee's remembrance day organized by Kamya Punjabi & costume designer Neeerusha Nikhat. What was glaring was the absence of Pratyusha’s debut  show Balika Vadhu co star Shashank Vyas, especially since he was at the forefront of all activities during the unfortunate incident last year.
We spoke to Shashank, who is currently shooting for Jaana Na Dil Se Door, who said, "I can’t speak for others, but I did not want to be there. I am not answerable to any one about what how much I miss her! No one has a right to know if  I have lit some quite candles in her memory or done some charity in her name.”
Shashank added " I just have one question to all those who are cribbing. Did you ask me last year why I spent nearly three days after Prat’s unfortunate suicide, taking care  of things? I hardly slept for three hours. I was also a part of the press conference asking for justice. Kudos to the organizers for holding a remembrance day, but they should be more bothered about praying for her soul rather than commenting on who came or who did not.”
"I dont want unnecessary publicity. If I wanted just name & fame, I would not be doing a 5.30pm show instead of a Prime Time project.”

- Anil Merani