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I dont discriminate between films & TV - Barun Sobti


Barun Sobti, who is making a return to TV after 5 years with Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3, admitted that he did make mistakes with the choice of films he flirted with in the interim. “My selection of script for my first project was definitely wrong as Main Aur Mr. Riight tanked at  the Box Office. As for others,  it is too early to say as they have not yet released. Mera Sunday is getting capacity audiences at various film festivals. Cricket flick 22 Yards has also shaped well and whoever has watched the rushes is gushing about it.  So let’s wait till early next year to take a call on the same.”   

Interestingly Barun did not mention about his other film Satra Ko Shaadi Hai produced by John Abraham, which is also stuck. He was quoted in the media talking about the shelved project "I don't exactly know the status of that film, but I doubt it's ever going to come out. I finished shooting for it long ago.”
Barun claims that he not  discriminate between TV and films. “Internationally Hollywood makes both TV & films, so why do we make such a fuss about who is doing TV and who is doing films? I am a freelance artist who chooses among projects which are offered to me. These films came my way and I felt they were good enough so  I chose them. Some work others don’t, that is life.!”

Anil Merani