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Arranged marriage has worked out well for me - Hunar Hali


Hunar Hali, who gained prominence with Chhal — Sheh Aur Maat, is very happy with her arranged marriage to  entertainment  company head  Mayank Gandhi.“ The most important thing is that we are on the same page,  which makes things  much easier. He has a mesmerizing  style, I love listening to him talk.”

Don’t you feel arranged marriage is kinda passé, at least in our industry. “Well it works both ways, for we have seen lots of break ups in love marriages too. I don’t feel the need to wait long to make a decision, I go on instinct  which is mostly right.  The best magic of arranged marriage is that since there is much to discover in your partner, life is fun and interesting .”

Hunar laments the current rate of break ups  “While I am no one to judge why someone broke up, we must realise that marriage is a big responsibility. I believe in trying to clean up the mess rather than making it worse. Also  family values  imbibed over generations teach us that marriage is for keeps. ”

She suggests marriage to all those single, "I think the biggest problem is that today many youngsters put off marriage  for the sake of career and once you cross the age of  30 it gets difficult to find the right choice for your expectations become much higher. There are some who are commitment phobic as well.”

Anil Merani