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A Khan Outkhans all Khans...Satyamev Jayate

It's a dwarfing phenomenon!

Even before seeing the light of the day, it has made mincemeat of all that has preceded it on Indian Television! You are left gasping at a ‘Chat’ show costing more than 5 crores per episode, while the going cost of a regular soap is pegged at 10 lakh rupees on average and for the ‘Chat’ and other Reality shows, stretching not beyond 2 crore odd, mostly.

And the gasp turns into a virtual asthma attack when you discover a ‘Chat’ Show being priced at one million bucks per 10-second spot for the advertisers and yet, being able to sell upwards of 80% of its commercial time in advance – and counting!

Hey, what’s happening here?

Is everybody committing hara-kiri? Or is it the wisest investment ever? Well, the answer to all those posers, perhaps, lies in one who is an enigma himself (ironic?)…

A certain someone called Amir Khan!

Mr perfect, Magician of Marketing, Opinion-maker, Press-puppeteer, Media-manipulator Awesome Actor (but, of course!)…indeed, he is being called as variously – and both fairly & unfairly – as once Lord Krishn was!

His name has set the marquees aflame! He is the part of the trinity of Khans, which lords over the Indian Showbiz – but actually, that’s a misnomer! He is not the part or extension of anyone and anything – he is his own man, unequalled, unmatched and unrivalled!

To make a long story short – he is one of a kind!

And he is the life force, the spine of the Show that has been named after the inscription on the National Emblem – ‘Satyamev Jayate’. In fact, thereby hangs a tale!

Various titles were tossed onto Aamir for the Show, but he put his finger on this slogan only. Enquiries revealed that being part of the National Emblem and heritage, it cannot even be copyrighted! But nothing could cut an ice with Aamir and he remained fanatically fixed on Satyamev Jayate!

Hence, Satymev Jayate it had to be!

The show, from conception to inception, has already eaten two years of Aamir’s life! Heaps and loads of man-hours have been spent on thrashing its structure to the nano-detail. For the show, Aamir went on a pilgrimage of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, shooting it through Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi, even North-East!

The indefatigable perfectionist has left no stone unturned in presenting a whole spectrum of the Nation that is India (the first promo, itself, is studded with ‘n’ numbers of locations)! And mind you, it’s not only about topography – Aamir seeks to mirror the country India that India is in its entirety through the countrymen, basically!

If reports are anything to go by, Aamir’s show is Aamir’s heart that beats for the ordinary, everyday man in the street and the woman by the oven! Furthermore, it grapples with their day-to-day trials & travails like, Water, Health, Marital-discord, Exploitation, Girl-child, Child-abuse, Alcoholism and so on in each episode of one and a half hour of duration!

Note: for full article read GR8! May 2012 issue...

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